Why Big Data Matters

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Big data analysis is changing supply chain management for the better. The technology is producing quantifiable improvements in supply chain operations around the globe. Manufacturing logistics is an increasingly complex process, and companies are incorporating big data analysis to manage operations throughout their enterprises. As engineers create more innovative technologies, it is helping firms track and efficiently allocate their vast new resources, and even though big data is fledgling, it is making a positive and powerful impact on daily business operations.

Why Big Data Matters

Big data is a making substantial impact that on the logistics industry. The technology is poised to reshape the shipping industry according to veteran shipping executives. Almost all supply chain managers are familiar with the concept as well as how it can improve their production and distribution processes. Most
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Using the technology, firms can quickly locate specific, concrete information for customers and vendors. This capability is a boon for manufacturers who need to retrofit or recall goods. In this capacity, big data can save firms thousands of labor hours.

An Expert Overview on Big Data Analytics

Supply chain analytics is not a new concept. However, the capability to produce meaningful insights with massive inputs using big data analytics is changing the logistics landscape; the technology is allowing firms to exploit massive, and formerly useless, unstructured data sets.

A 2013 Journal of Business Logistics report is the catalyst that caused supply chain experts to consider how big data can improve logistics operations. Today, the technology mines information from structured and unstructured data sets and provides logistical insights that were previously unavailable. Big data technology has made vast improvements between 2014 and 2016, but the technology is still very much in its

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