Importance Of Beliefs In Gulliver's Travels

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Jonathan Swift had many beliefs he expressed in the book Gulliver’s Travels. Some of these are that humans are animals, but that humans are also capable of reason. Swift convenes these beliefs in the travels that Gullivers takes and his adventures. Gulliver meets many different human like creatures as well as humans themselves. Swift uses these characters like pirates or Yahoo 's, to show that humans really are just animals. Swift wants everyone to know that humans think of themselves as above other animals. Humans believe themselves to be great creatures, who help and do great works through their actions. But Swift shows us that this is not true, humans are not what they say they are. They really are just animals who are fighting with each …show more content…
While humans may fight amongst each other like animals, humans have the ability to reason, which will allow humans to stop unnecessary fighting. Humans ability to reason is what sets us apart from animals, and if humans could find a way to reason ways to settle disputes peacefully, instead of killing, then the gift of reason would be put to good use. But now, it seems that our gift of reason is only used to come up with easier and easier ways to kill each other. Our reason is being used to cover up corruption and killing, instead of fleshing it out so that it can be dealt with. Humans showing reason can be seen when Gulliver is told to completely destroy the Blefuscudian fleet. “then I took up the knotted end of the cables to which my hooks were tied, and with great ease drew fifty of the enemy’s largest men-of-war after me” (43). The Emperor wants Gulliver to completely destroy the fleet and kill the Blefuscudians, so then he can enslave them. Gulliver shows reason here, he knows that he can take the fleet, which will leave no one dead, and still achieve the same goal of defeating the Blefuscudians. A great example of humans showing reason, Gulliver got the same result as needed without killing anybody. Humans need to see that the same result can be achieved without killing that can be achieved by killing. Another example showing humans using reason is shown by Glumdaclitch “ Glumdalclitch was prevailed on to be one of the company, very much against her inclination, for she was naturally tenderhearted ” (118). Glumdalclitch is very much against going to the execution, maybe because she doesn’t want to see the death of someone, or maybe because she thinks the life of the person being killed could be spared. Glumdalcitch uses reason to form this opinion about the pointless death of someone. Glumdalcitch also helps Gulliver the whole while he is with the Brobdingnagians. She cares and takes care of him, as well as treating him like

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