Importance Of Being Materialistic

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Register to read the introduction… Money is important”. When you yourself had defined that money is everything, what else is there? You find joy in making money. You find joy in spending money and else really matters. To you, without money the world will collapse and it is the end of the day. No! You are wrong. You have isolated yourself so far apart from the world, so deep in that you don not find the real purpose in life. You lost the meaning of waking up in the morning felling happy about the silly things you did last night. Why define yourself so fast, so cruel? Have mercy on your soul. Let it break free. Be the little kid who used to run around playing in the rain.
Last but not least, being money minded will set boundary in your life. People know you for being that ‘miss money minded’ that they do not even want to get close to you. There itself is already set a boundary; no friends for you. Would you want to live your life alone with all the money in the world? Yes, although you say that with all the money you can go on vacation, afford branded goods but how long will it actually last? Ten years maybe. After that? Nothing. Back to square one. Alone and grumpy. Complaining how life sucks without money. So, why start something that will never lead you to anything?
I never believe that money is everything. I take life simple as it is. To me, being materialistic is definitely a waste of time. It is also a waste of effort. Furthermore, it defines who you are and limits your horizon in

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