University Honors Scholarship Essay

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I wish to be in the UNCC University Honors Program because I want to obtain the most intelligence out of my college experience. I wish to insert myself into an environment where I will be encompassed by students who desire to be the best at what they do. As an honors student at UNCC I will thoroughly demonstrate the actions of a scholar-citizen by living by the tradition of service, leadership, and community engagement, while also bettering myself through education and contributing back to the University Honors Program by supporting my peers. If selected, I will entirely invest and dedicate myself to being an example of a scholar-citizen, and, as a way of giving thanks for providing me with the chance to accomplish my goals in the most honorable way possible, I will spend every day as a student of UNCC with the tradition of service, leadership, and community engagement on my mind. My definition of the term scholar-citizen consists of a student who is willing to be the best that UNCC has to offer. A scholar-citizen is one that fulfills the position of a role model for other students, and who takes advantage of the resources provided by the university. It is the responsibility of a scholar-citizen to also uphold the University Honors Program traditions. As a scholar-citizen, I will serve by giving my all in the classroom. It is my …show more content…
If selected, I will exemplify scholar-citizenship by providing the traditions of service, leadership, and community engagement to the campus and in the classrooms. Additionally, I will be benefited by this program by gaining all the necessary skills and knowledge that I will require in order to be successful in my future career field, and I will contribute to this program by helping the honors students around me find success. I look forward to representing the absolute best of UNCC, and becoming the future of this

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