Personal Essay: My Experience As A Resident Assistant

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On February of 2016, I was in my sophomore year of high school. I had just learned to drive and received my drivers permit whereby I could drive with someone 21 or older. The night of my school's state championship step show, my friends decided to come to my house. It was raining, so I told everyone they could stay and watch movies until the rain stopped. My friend Stephany decided to park her car in my driveway, blocking my mother's car. I warned her that she will have to move her car whenever my mother decided to leave. She said she would just move it when that time came.

Around 11:00PM, my mom was kind enough to go to Walmart to get us some snacks. I told Stephany it was time to move the car. She responded, "I really don't feel like getting
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Having this experience within my community will challenge me to become a well-respected leader. It will also allow me to dedicate time to be a mentor. I enjoy communicating and working within a group to accomplish a common goal. It allows me to see things from different perspectives. I believe as a Resident Assistant, I will gain experience with time management, problem solving, and business relations that not only support my peers but also my future endeavors. I believe my involvement as a leader and mentor will contribute to the overall student experience at Georgia State University. As a leader, I am determined to focus on others and make a positive impact on my fellow students. I believe your environment is as strong and healthy as its leaders. My goal as a Resident Assistant is ultimately to have a positive impact on my fellow …show more content…
I have used time-management skills to balance school and work, while maintaining my GPA. I have learned to prioritize work, school, extracurricular activities, and time with family and friends.

My communication skills have enabled me to solve problems with coworkers, ranging from respect and productivity to customer ratification. These skills have served me well. As a result, I have gained the respect of my employers and coworkers. It is through communication that my team and I were able to achieve our set goals. I also understand the importance of being a team player and was often called upon to assist with extra hours and the training of new employees.

I have never been afraid to inquire about things I am unsure of. I believe it is the best way to enhance your skills and knowledge. These learned skill sets have allowed me to become efficient in groups, work and encouraging others to take the

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