Importance Of Being A Good Citizen

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A citizen, cit·i·zen
noun a legally recognized subject or national of a state or commonwealth, either native or naturalized.

Citizenship isn 't just being an American or legal, it means a lot more. In Citizen Education, I learned that if you are a citizen, you need to play the part of being a citizen. It doesn 't take much to be a citizen, but there 's a few certain things an individual can do to be a better citizen. Being a good citizen, not only helps the people around you and your community, but also can help you. There 's so many ways, mostly early ways, to be a good citizen
For example knowing your rights and the past f how America was born as a state, is an important factor. This can help someone out with the police,
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The event made society really think about what would make a good citizen. Their responsibilities were higher, and their citizenship was increased. Americans now debate if terrorism suspects deserve protection afforded by the bill of right. Also during the catastrophe, thousands of people helped each other. Firefighters risked their lives, and exhausted themselves, to save others. An extraordinary example of good citizenship, is when a muslim man, fell to the ground, in the chaos of people running from the debris. He couldn 't get up, but a jewish man, helped him up. This is extraordinary because jewish people, and muslims, are known in the past, to have disputes. No matter what race, or who it was, everyone helped one another to …show more content…
the supreme court conversed about the second amendment for 219 years. They decided if individuals, or just the milia can have guns. Many other amendment cases have been resolved. The government can 't establish a natural religion or prevent people from worshipping as they close. The is the freedom of speech in the first amendment. Thanks to the third amendent, the government can 't force people to house soldiers. the 10 amendement is another big deal, the gocerment comback, says that the federal goverment has grown too larege and is encroaching on states. Obama’s health care bill, of 2010, was belived to impose a penalty on individuals who want to by health insurance. The supreme court, also adds amendments with new laws and fundamentals, of the governments, or citizens rights. The government will always be a trending topic, especially because technology is a lot more physisticated. People are upset about the goverment using surveillance cameras. Citizens believe their rights are being betrayed, because their privacy is

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