Importance Of Behavior Theories In Campaign Development

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6. Why are behavior theories important to include in campaign development? (10 points)
Behavior theories help guide campaigns in a way to change a behavior. Each theory is different, so it is important to implement the correct theory that fits the program. Behavior theories are able to connect on a personal level, interpersonal level, as well as a community level. Using a behavior theory during a campaign is more likely to see results in behavior. The theory helps fine previous benefits to the behavior and how the new benefits can overcome the new benefits from changing the behavior. Behavior theories also gather information to prepare the person to change their behavior; as well provide an action and maintenance to change the behavior change
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The product is the behavior that would like to be changed. The place represents the behavior where the target audience would like the change to take place. Barriers affecting the behavior change are the price. How to take charge of charging the behavior is the promotion. Knowing the policies that may affect the person from being tested. When creating a campaign, having to select the correct message to send out is important. Research your audience, find out as much information you can about them. It’s important to choose a behavior change that is challenging to them but not impossible. Find a place to promote your campaign and where it will find a positive outreach to the audience (University of Washington School of Public Health Department of Health Services., …show more content…
A reference should display specific question I have about my campaign. How many would African American affect by HIV or the rate of women in the United States affected by HIV? If the article could answer my question, I began to look more dept. How well did this article explain my information I was seeking for, were questions I was asking myself. Measurable, how well the website or article present their data? How long was the data taken to determine African American women rank the highest race affected by HIV? Were the references able to be trusted, where did their information come from. I look at the article and website reference list just as well. On I followed the reference to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention page and visually say the same exact information taken from their site. The information the information provided, I determined was that information realistic. Being transmitted HIV from a blood transfusion was possible but very rare. The main thing I viewed when searching for reference was when the information published. Due to health always change, I did not use a post over ten years old, unless it very powerful information but it did not exceed pass 2000 (Wayne State University,

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