Importance Of Beep Test Essay

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Exercise is a very important activity in an individual’s life. Exercise helps individuals physically and mentally. Regular constant exercise allows an individual to increase their life span, it helps prevent them against heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, and fewer chances of getting a stroke (Why Is Physical Activity Important, n.d.).
〖VO〗_2 maximum is the measure of the maximum volume of oxygen an individual can use and it stands for volume of oxygen. 〖VO〗_2 maximum is measured in millilitres per a kilogram of body weight per minute (ml/kg/min). As an individual increases their effort in an exercise, the amount of oxygen they consume increases (Running for Fitness, n.d.).
Before an individual reaches their 〖VO〗_2 max their body is undergoing aerobic respiration. Aerobic respiration occurs when the body produces
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Later on the results are calculated by using formulas that rely on velocity, distance covered giving the VO2 max (Running for Fitness, n.d.).
A bleep test, also called a beep test is a submaximal test where the subject performs shuttle runs continuously between two points that are 20 metres apart. The beep test contains twenty three levels and the first level requires the subject to jog at 8.5km/h, which each level increasing 0.5km/h. This test depends on a recording that instructs the subject to reach the point before the beep is made, an individual is allowed two to three attempts to reach the other end in order to regain their pace. The level that the subject reaches at the end can be converted in to their VO2 max (Multi-Stage Fitness Test, n.d.)
The laboratory tests are often found the best indicator of an individual’s ability to excel in anaerobic or endurance exercises. Sub maximal fitness tests are better for individuals who are attempting to determine information about their health status (Fitness Assessment,

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