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From the array of experiences that has shaped the person I am, one index, in particular, will forever be cached in my memory. That memory is the feeling of building my first computer program "Caesar Cipher" in my first computer science class. Before I took my first college class, I built Honda engines and worked on cars. But computer science showed me I could do much more than use a Phillips screwdriver or an impact wrench - it taught me how to become a leader and that, with hard work, I can create something amazing. I am applying to the CSE program at UW Bothell because I want to keep creating amazing software and other applications and reach my goal of becoming a Software Developer.
After not being admitted to the CSE program last quarter, I took the opportunity to learn more about programming in the field by accepting T-Mobile’s software development internship. My task was
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But while I have spent countless hours learning how to build RESTFul on StackOverflow, I want to expand my knowledge beyond programming. I want the ability to analyze complex algorithms to figure out if a problem is solvable. I want to learn not just what the software development process is, but why the process is that way. I want to study assembly and hardware architecture, machine language, and everything related to the field. The education from the CSE program at UW Bothell will give me a better depth of knowledge that will not only help me reach my goal of becoming a Software Developer, but help make me a great one. Just like a binary tree that needs to be sorted prior to searching, my love, passion, curiosity, and determination have sorted my experiences and I am ready for the next step. I hope you will accept my application so I can learn with, learn from, and share my experiences with students who are as passionate about computer science as I

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