Importance Of Beauty Pageants

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Register to read the introduction… However, those procedures or stages do not happen in beauty contests such, as Miss America, that give out scholarships to the winners. You just have to show some epidermis and perfect triad numbers (vital statistics), to pray for luck, and to answer a very simple question for a minute. Just like that, you get a free education. However, what happens really in beauty contests is that, candidates focus more on the fame they get than the scholarship at stake. They know beforehand that only one girl will get that …show more content…
Also, the sashes that serve as name tags of the candidates that are hardly read by the live audience make one aware that such countries exist and expand the list of countries in one’s imaginary map. Looking at those implications, one can conclude that beauty contests are for tourism and expansion of knowledge purposes. Well if that is the case, why can’t people just use readily available sources such as the internet, books, posters, post cards and magazines if they want to know if there are other countries that exist and, aside from the Utopian world, if there are other almost-perfect and picturesque sites? The sources mentioned can be used or consulted anytime people want or need. This would mean that people do not have to wait for such beauty contests to happen in order for them to get the information they want or need. If those countries want to get noticed or attract tourists in the fastest way or manner then, they must opt for media or ways that are easily accessed by people. Remember, beauty contests (i.e. Miss Universe, Miss International, and Miss Earth) only happen once in a

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