Importance Of Beam Bridge

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Register to read the introduction… And the simple support beam bridge is the most economical form of the bridge.

Trusses are formed of straight members in a triangular pattern.
A truss is an open structure comprising many small rods joined together. They can support a large amount of weight and span great distances. Most truss bridges have one set of truss on each side of the roadway. Typical Span Length of a truss bridge ranges from 40m - 500m
Warren Truss
The most common use of bridge truss is the Warren Truss.
A Warren truss can be identified by the presence of many equilateral or isosceles triangles formed by the web members which connect the top and bottom chords.
For smaller spans, no vertical members are lending the structure a simple look.

Unlike the beam, which without the tensile as well as compressive forces, a true arch is in a state of compression. That‘s mean it is strong in compression and weak in tension.
The arch profile is aesthetically pleasing and it provides a structure which eliminates tensile stresses in spanning an open space. This is useful because several of the available building materials such as stone, cast iron and concrete are strong in compression but are weak when
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Stressing is carried out after the concrete has hardened. And the tendon is pulled and stretched a jack, the resulting force is transferred on to the cast and concrete through the tendon anchor.

4.1.5 Suspension and Suspended Footbridges
For the suspension bridge, there are three main supporting parts of suspension bridge are the cables, the towers, and the anchors. First, the cables pass over on the top of the towers. Then the cables pass down to the anchors, almost anchors are a heavy mass of concrete. When the cables have placed, the supporting parts of the bridge are finished.

In this part of the report, we have to found all type of the footbridge (e.g. Beam Bridge, truss bridge). We also compare the advantage and disadvantage of the footbridge like cost of the construction, material and appearance).
Then we found the suitable place to plan and design the bridge. We have drawn the preliminary drawing for the footbridge detail such as stairway and ramp.
Finally according the size of the footbridge, we have some preliminary calculate (dead load and live

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