Overcoming Personal Barriers

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“Barriers That Brings Risks”
A time in which I encountered barriers that made me want to give up, are friends, college, life, anxiety and I included. I persisted in giving up by always saying to myself to never give up no matter what I am going through. We all have innumerable challenges, bumpy roads and barriers. I see barriers as my enemy and packed full of risks that I have to encounter to see where I will end up, what I will have, and how I will be transformed by the experiences. Barriers that make me give up is that I care to much for friends, and in the end they don’t care for me as I care for them, maybe they’re not my true friends. Sometimes they just push me away, and ignore me until they need someone to talk to when they don’t have
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Not knowing how to understand the affects to fix the problem that come to me. Especially when lacking my desire and not having enough to reach my goal and letting the conflicts in the past. My belief will lack if I have very little hope of achieving what I want in life and in the moment. I always have to remember my motto of never giving up no matter what I encounter in life, because there are many people who have worse conflicts in their life that they encounter. It’s difficult putting my problems in perspective, because there are many challenges and daily problems on my daily basis. It can even give me surprises that I wasn’t expecting and applying emotions and stress that tend to tie me down to an unhappy …show more content…
Barriers is a huge big part of life that are put so I can face to be a better person and realize that I have things that I have to work on to be successful and reach my goals and make my family and I included as well. Without barriers I wouldn’t know what I would have to work on to be a good person, because of course we are not perfect. We all encounter barriers so we learn from mistakes and realize that great people including ordinary people have to have gigantic amount of determination to achieve goals. It’s easy to strive towards our goals when we are calm and nothing appears in our way. However, if we are not ready in the moment something begins to show, we begin to panic and struggle with our problems that can also overwhelm us. As a result we may end up quitting, because we can’t handle what we

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