Essay on Importance Of Audience With The Speech

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Four ways to be direct to the audience with the speech are “strive for naturalness,” “show enthusiasm,” “project a sense of confidence,” and “engage directly with audience members”.

“Strive for naturalness” is giving a speech naturally rather than acting with the thought of it being an important conversation. For example, if you have a birth of your child, you are going to tell your parents about it. You don’t want to act it out like it’s a part of a movie scene because it’s not possible. You want to have a topic that would excite you to the point of a birth of your child. If acting it out, it could lead to bigger problems such as the audience find out or think you don’t care or bother about the topic you are talking about therefore disrespected them by wasting their time. If you choose a topic that you find interested worth talking about such as “how your day went” to your friends, you will certainly be natural at speaking about it since you are speaking the truth or your belief which you find important to you. For me topics that will be naturally for me to talk about really can be any social issue, idea or belief worth sharing that is good for life in this planet such as climate change, animal rights, LGBTQI rights and freedom of speech.

“Show enthusiasm” is to portray to the audience you are enthusiastic about the speech content since you actually care and interested to give the speech. It will keep the audience focused on the message. For example, if you are a…

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