Importance Of Attentive Listening

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Register to read the introduction… Making eye contact and maintain eye contact is important. Although one must be aware of the client’s culture background and take notice of the client’s disposition. If a client is from a cultural where making eye contact and maintain eye contact is considered disrespectful it is important to know this so they don’t feel uncomfortable. It is also important to recognize that eye contact can make some clients feel insecure and they will shy away from opening up to the provider. A rule of thumb would be to make initial eye contact and determine the situation from there and add a nod or smile along with the first eye contact. Every client is different and every situation is different.

Facial Expression-Providers must be aware of their own facial expressions as their client is talking. It is important to not make overly dramatic expressions towards the client as this could be read as a sign of disbelief or disrespect. Being aware of your own body language as well as the client’s body language will become a useful tool throughout the working sessions.

Personal Space- Personal space is a big one that providers should be aware of when dealing with clients. One has to remember that in many situations not all but many the client is already having
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Giving the person your undivided attention and providing feedback to them shows that we are paying attention and are willing to help them find the right solutions. Some things that as providers we can practice prior to meeting with clients would be to work on overcoming external barriers such as noises from people and traffic. This can be achieved by locating a quiet area and practicing blocking out all external noises. (Overcoming barriers to active listening,

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