Transformative Essay: The Role Of Army Soldiers In The Military

They defend our homes and schools, our churches and capitals, our country and us, they are army soldiers. Army soldiers live a selfless life, with the hope that their involvement will help this country and the people livening here. Army soldiers are leaders and stay up for what is right, and make society better, Army soldiers are motivated, respected, and inspiring, both mentally and physically strong, they are courageous, admired, unselfish and they are the best at what they do, they are Army soldiers.

Army soldiers are trained battle ground leaders that through missions, training and survival have helped them become today’s best leaders. Army soldiers need to be leaders during missions to keep everyone safe and to ensure that the mission will go as planned. They need to be leaders during training to ensure when it comes time to be apart of a mission that everyone on the team knows what they are doing and that no one dies they do. They need to be leaders during survival if the mission doesn’t go as planned they need to be leaders so everyone can make it
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Army soldiers are respected when they are greeted with the statement,”thank you for you service,” we clap for them at events, we take our hats off for them because of their sacrifice. “They make sacrifices that we wouldn’t even think about such as having a new baby, having a life partner have to be put on hold to help serve our country,”(Military). The flag is a symbol of the army and the people who serve in it they are the people we have to thank. It started almost two hundred and fifty years ago a group of individuals, regular everyday people and they are the people that gave us independence from the British and still have independence today. They started working for the United States almost two hundred and fifty years ago and still defend it today that’s what makes the the best at what they

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