Posture In Job Interview Essay

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Appropriate Posture in a Job Interview Setting
Posture is a form of nonverbal communication and is also a component of body language that is important in business, especially during a job interview. A person’s success impacts his or her posture and begins once someone lays his or her eyes on the person (Bjorseth, 2002). Rane (2010) states that individuals have their own unique ways in communicating thoughts through various kinds of body language, including posture. Nonverbal cues are crucially important as it counts for more than 65 percent of communication between humans (Anders, 2015). It is also a source of valuable information that receivers are able to understand through observation (Bull, 2013). Therefore, understanding the use of posture
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Employers gain information from the interviewee by observing the candidate’s posture (Knapp, Hall, & Horgan, 2013). Changing direction of a conversation can also take place during an interview because of the person’s ability to change his or her stance (Verma, 2008). Additionally, an interviewer may receive one or several postural cues in order to try and interpret the message being sent, depending on the interviewee (Knapp, Hall, & Horgan, 2013). Rane (2010) researched that one reason why companies look at an applicant’s posture is because it defines a person in unique ways. Both the employer and candidate use different postures during an interview, but it is up to the candidate to decide what kind of pose is more accurate and suitable (Verma, 2008). Consequently, there are many kinds of appropriate postures that are useful during a job interview to benefit the interviewee. In addition, making a good first impression, understanding the interpretations of certain nonverbal cues, and recognizing the advantages and disadvantages of posture will help a person achieve success not only during the job interview, but also for future

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