Importance Of Antibiotics

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Public Health Importance Concerning Anti-Resistant Bacterial Strains
Here is the dilemma. A person is ill with an infection and there is a pill (antibiotic) to cure this infection. However, he knows that overuse of antibiotics can cause changes in bacteria thereby halting the effectiveness of the antibiotic to eliminate the infection. Should the person take the pill and hope for the best with future infections? Will there be another drug available when the drug of choice does not work anymore? These are questions asked by individuals daily when taking antibiotics because antibiotics lead to anti-resistant bacterial strains. These strains are becoming a serious issue in the medical and microbiology fields. They are immune to antibiotics and eventually will kill the host in the absence of reliable drug therapy. While it is true that antibiotics hold the cure of most diseases to this day, if not supervised, the increasing amount of resistant strains can become a growing issue in the health of humans and can lead to the demise of the human race.
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These organisms are not visible to the naked eye but can be seen through a microscope. Bacteria are single-celled organisms that make up the Moneran Kingdom. According to Funk and Wagnall’s New World Encyclopedia, these archaic creatures, usually “ranging in length from less than 1 micrometer to 10 micrometers” (Bacteria), like to dwell within multiple different environments. These creatures can be found in all environments, ranging from “air, soil, water, and ice all the way to hot springs” (Bacteria). They thrive in these environments because it is the best place for them to reproduce and create different

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