Animals In The Military Is Inhumane

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Animal Usage in the Military is Inhumane
Animals came to this world the same way humans did, with no rights, or obligations. Life is meant to be lived it at it’s finest. Through centuries, humans learned skills to live in the world, to hunt and to love. Humans also learned to hate which caused conflicts between other nations. Humans found a way to use animals as weapons, they trained them to kill and to hunt enemies. According to the article “Animals and World War I”, says, “Over 16 million animals served in the First World War, were used to transport communication and companionship”. An estimated 1.2 million horses, donkeys, mules and camels carried food, water, ammunition and medical supplies to men at the front and approximately 200,000
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Animals have been fighting along with the military even before World War I. A large amount of animals have lost their lives in Wars due to the military forcing animals to fight in combat, according to Alan Taylor, who wrote an article called “Animals at War”. Alan says “Mules and camels were drafted into use in various war theatres, and many soldiers brought along mascots to help boost morale. Only a couple of decades later, at the onset of World War II, most military tasks assigned to animals were done by machines and warfare would never again rely so heavily on animal power. This wasn’t true at all because WWII kept using elephants and other big animals to carry their big machinery weapons. Animals lost their homes and their lives due to explosions, fires, chemical weapons and other war weapons. In other cases, animals die as victims of war weapons. For example, animals may be used as targets by soldiers testing their weapons and strategies. During World War I, rats were killed to be filled with plastic explosives so that when they were displaced by shoveling into the furnace, they exploded with devastating boiler explosions. Given these points, animals were also used for testing. They were exploited for experimentation, they use animals to test new weapons, and their effect on living things by attacking animals with them. The cause of these actions was because they were interested on how the …show more content…
Humans lives are not more valuable than theirs because humans might be superior than them, just use them. They are superior than humans in a lot ways too. All humans have the right to choose whether they want to participate in war or not. Animals do not have a say at all, they are simply taken away from their homes and families and off to train they go. These animals either get brutalized, killed or left wounded. These actions are not right, it’s why people should be aware of the actions the military has done and has been doing till this day. If people around the world really want to make a change for everyone to be safe, they should also protect those animals. These problems could also be something the world could change to keep the animals safe and at peace. People today should not make the same mistake that happened years ago. These animals deserve to live as much as humans are. The government should start keeping animals safe by making laws that can keep them away from carrying heavy lifting, and dying in the battlefields. With advanced technology in the world today, no one should be using animals as weapons. Doctors could be testing their surgical strategies on new things. Animals have done enough and it’s time they deserve some peace for all the wrong the people of the world have done to them. Changing things could really make an impact in the

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