Importance Of Amusement Parks

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Every year, millions of Americans flood theme parks to ride attractions that they would not be able to experience in everyday life. Whether it be the enormous roller coasters, refreshing water slides, or the classic carousel, park visitors put their safety in the hands of these complex machines. However, recent accidents may have tainted parks’ outstanding safety records after much backlash from the media. With parks fighting over bragging rights of world’s largest or fastest rides, has safety become the second priority? Amusement ride accidents are becoming more common with amusement parks building larger quantities of rides, which has also led to greater attendance levels.

Statistics show that visiting an amusement park is one
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One has a greater chance of being injured in the car ride to the park than riding the attractions at the park. Also, most of the injuries that happen are a result of misbehavior by the visitor, or a pre-existing condition that would not allow them to ride. Amusement parks are required to post restrictions at attraction entrances listing requirements for riding. If one does not follow the restrictions or ask a park employee for help, they put themselves at a greater risk of injury or even death. In fact, James Hackemer, the rider ejected from the “Ride of Steel” due to a prosthetic, refused a guide for disabled people when offered it by Darien Lake. Had Hackemer or ride operators followed the guidelines, he may have survived. After an inspection by the state, the ride was deemed mechanically safe …show more content…
The majority of modern rides operate on sophisticated computer systems. The software ran is known as Programmable Logic Controllers, or PLCs. A series of sensors placed along the track communicates with the main computer and lets it know where cars or trains are located in a circuit. If anything wrong is detected, the ride will go into an emergency shutdown mode (Cella). Not only is the location of different ride vehicles detected, but PLC software can also detect defects in different mechanical components, whether or not ride restraints are secure, and even weather conditions in some cases. Numerous accidents have been prevented by the computer systems intervening in operations to stop rides from operation in an unsafe manner. The PLC software is not only a foundation in amusement ride controls, but it is also safely implemented in factories, railroads, and other large industries (Henley). In the event that an incident were to occur, it is often the fault of the humans not following operating procedures, rather than a mechanical or technical failure of the

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