Are Americans Patriotic Or Not Too Much Essay

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I think Americans are patriotic but not too much. After expelling the France from North America due to the the Seven Years’ War, Britain needs revenues to pay the war debts and increase the defense budge on North America expansion. So British government decided to impose taxes on the American colonists. At first, the Americans didn’t plan to planed to become independent of Britain because they viewed Britain as their homeland. It is when colonists noticed that British only attributed the victories to their own effort and neglected the fact that they used to fight alongside the British forces that the ideas of being dependent was generated in their mind.
The following actions and measures of Americans with the desire of escaping from the control of Britain indicated they are patriotic. The Sugar Act established by the British Parliament imposing the tax on all sugars important into the American colonies. So the “nonimportation” movement was created by the colonists to boycott some British products. The delegates of
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The second one is individual freedom, which indicated that all individuals have the freedom to the largest extent without the interfering with the rights of other. The third one is equal protection of the law, that is everyone will be protect equally. The fourth one is the majority rule and minority rights, which noted that the majority rules while guaranteeing the rights of minorities. The fifth is voluntary consent to be governed, that is people who make up a democracy must collectively agree to be governed by the rules laid down by their representatives. These principles are not absolutely because some was difficult to achieve and others were controversial. For example, how to define the majority and minority on all issues as well as how to balance the benefits of the majority and the

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