Importance Of Albrecht Durer

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The artist Albrecht Dürer

Before we can investigate the artist Albrecht Dürer and his contribution as the finest printmaker to have ever lived. We have to step backward to the beginning… the invention of the printing press, the paper process, and the impact of new technology.
The invention of the printing press
Before the printing press was invented, any writings and drawings had to be completed painstakingly by hand. It wasn’t just anyone who was allowed to do this. Such work was usually reserved for scribes who lived and worked in monasteries. The monasteries had a special room called a "scriptorium." There, the scribe would work in silence, first measuring and outlining the page layouts and then carefully copying the text from another
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“At the time, there was a trend in attaching small mirrors to one’s hat or clothes in order to soak up healing powers when visiting holy places or icons. The mirrors themselves were not significant, but Gutenberg quietly noted how lucrative it was to create mass amounts of a cheap product.” (
During the 1300s to 1400s, there was a very basic form of printing. It involved letters or images cut on blocks of wood. The block would be dipped in ink and then stamped onto paper. Gutenberg realized that if he could use cut blocks within a machine, he could make the printing process a lot faster. Even better, he would be able to reproduce texts in great numbers. However, instead of using wood blocks, he used metal instead. This was known as a "movable type machine," since the metal block letters could be moved around to create new words and
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From reformation from the Roman Catholic Church initiated by Martin Luther, now the cheaper mass-produce books can be bought by the lower classes, generally books were luxuries that were purchased by the wealthy. Printed texts became a new way to spread information to vast audiences quickly and cheaply. Academics benefited from this dissemination of scholarly ideas and even politicians found that they could garner the public’s interest through printed pamphlets. An important side effect was that people could read and increase their knowledge more easily now, whereas in the past it was common for people to be quite

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