Is Affirmative Action Necessary Essay

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Affirmative action is still necessary because now a days it is still hard to get into a good school and get the proper job necessary. Most people think that the Affirmative action is not necessary for unfair reasons and favoring Women and Minorities. The Affirmative action was an act of policy favoring those who tend to suffer from discrimination, especially in relation to employment and or education, and positive discrimination. But, it was really necessary to those who could not afford to chase their dreams and goals, this act helped those people in need.
Most people say that the Affirmative action is not necessary and most of the people saying that those are people who are not getting chosen for unfair things, such as College, work, and so on. Colleges, and work places reverse discrimination, and that should not be used to fix past discrimination. Colleges look for lower class women and Minorities that are not getting the help by the Affirmative action, but only to those individual people from a privileged
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There are many Pros and Cons to this act so let’s sum this all up. Pro if you or any other friend or family member who has low income can get support and help with this act. Con people with average or higher income cannot reseve help from this act, it is not based on your skin tone, your age, nor your gender. It is all based on what and how you can be able to afford to go to college and or get the job. And every one knows how hard it is to get to go to college, but with the help of this act people are now able to achieve their goals and dreams of going to college and or getting your dream job. Not every one is gifted and is born into a rich family, and so this act was created because they were not getting as much people as they were expecting. And in order to get as many students as the colleges wanted they helped create an act for those who are

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