Importance Of Admissions To Participate In Service Learning

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I am very thankful to the department of education for giving us, the future educators opportunity to participate in Service Learning. It was great experiences to observe and to be involved in classroom activities. This project made me feel much more confident of my choice for my future carrier, working with children, educating them sharing knowledge and personal friendship id definitely what I want to do in my future.
What did you like most?

I personally liked every moment of my Service learning, but the most I really liked when Mrs. Genson assigned me students to work with students, she wanted me to work on their numbers, colors and letters. I really enjoyed that, sharing knowledge gave me feeling that I want to learn even more in order
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They were sitting around me in the reading area and slowly started to move closer and close to me, one of them wanted to sit on my lap, as well as others started to take turns to sit on my lap. It was such a great feeling to understand and feel children close friendship with me, I could tell that they liked me and wanted to spent time with me. Another visit that impressed the most was when on of the students made me a picture of her selves and me holding hands. She wanted me to take that picture home. She was one of the girls who wanted to play with me all the time, she was always asking me to sit next to her during the circle time. As a student teacher in the classroom, it is very supportive when students like you and want to interact with you. Every visit was special to me and each of them had a teaching lesson for me, which I am going to use in my future …show more content…
First of all as a future educator, I have learned many lessons from my observations. Student’s teacher relationship and communication is the major keys to be a successful and trustful teacher. Academic knowledge is also very important, but most importantly if communication between students and the teacher will fail, there would not be any motivation for education. As a person and a mother, I realized that the teacher is the mother of all students when they are in school. Parents should teach their children about importance of education, their behavior, tolerance and respect toward their teachers. This is the major analysis I made form my service earning

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