Importance Of Administrative And Practice Management Essay

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Administrative & Practice Management

Sector One Healthcare Group can help you improve your administrative and management practices, such as

Without a proper administrative structure, even highly skilled medical, dental, and/or mental health professional will not be able to provide the care, they would like to provide, at the level they would like to provide that care. Therefore, developing efficient and effective management structure is essential to the success of your medical, dental, mental health practice, federally qualified health center (FQHC) or mental health center/organization MHC/O.

Operational Evaluation
We can assess your total management structure and how it operates or a single element of your operation. +
An operational analysis identifies opportunities to enhance productivity and effectiveness. An engagement includes a review of workflow, staff functions, and key performance indicators and recommendation for improvement. An operational analysis can also be used to determine readiness for implementation of a major project or system change, such as implementation of an electronic medical record.

Management Structure
We can assist you evaluate your management structure and practices, + and make the administrative changes best suits your organization and improves your ability to manage your current operation, while enabling you to take advantages of future opportunities and/or better prepare…

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