Importance Of Activity 8: Goal Shooting

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Register to read the introduction… The first student throws the ball to the second student, the second to the third and so on. Thus the ball zigzags back and forth until it reaches the last student. The last student catches the ball and the process is the reversed until the ball returns to the first student. Variation, dependent on skill levels, students must spin around and jump twice times after throwing the ball. This activity involves FMS, object control skills, throwing and catching, with locomotion skills, spin and jump in a sequence of movements. Links to the AC, students perform different FMS in a sequence ACPMP061, ACPMP064 and ACPMP069 (ACARA, HPE, …show more content…
This activity involves object control, throwing and bouncing skills. Students refine fundamental movement skills of striking and throwing skills to propel an object and keep it in motion (ACARA, HPE, 2013, ACPMP061).

Warm down*
At the end of each group’s final activity all groups participate in a five-minute cool down activity. Students walk slowly in a circle changing direction as instructed and finally sitting down stretching and relaxing arms and legs, and finally, sitting quietly in a relaxed position.

* Unless otherwise indicated activities have been adapted from WADE (2013); Department of Education Victoria (1996); NSW Department of Education & Communities [NSWEC] (2012).

Duty of Care, Supervision and
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