Personal Narrative: My Goals Of Acting

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1) The first goal I would like to accomplish is simply to become more comfortable acting on stage. I’ve performed musically many times and have mostly gotten over my stage fright for that, but delivering lines in a non-musical context has always daunted me more. My second goal is essentially to get “better” at acting. I know this is a somewhat subjective goal, but what I mean is that I would like to become more convincing when playing a character. This also ties in with my first goal, because if I become more comfortable on stage, then by default I think I will become more convincing. My third goal is to step outside of my comfort zone. Up to this point in time, I have only ever considered playing parts that are very similar to myself. I have …show more content…
I can be a bit shallow when it comes to picking favorite actors, so bear with me. For example, I really like Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, because a) I love the Marvel movies and he makes a perfect Steve Rogers, b) he's handsome and I’m not ashamed, and c) he seems like a nice guy in real life who has written some fantastic tweets in opposition to Donald Trump. So while he perfectly portrays the Captain, I can admit that I’m not a fan of him purely because of his acting ability. I am a big fan of Benedict Cumberbatch mainly because of his acting skills though. Sherlock is my favorite tv show, as I will mention in the next question, so this is sort of a given. The reason I like him so much is because he manages to convincingly portray characters that are so different from his actual persona. He tends towards the rude genius role and always manages to completely transform himself, despite the fact that he seems like the polite Englishman type in real life. Since acting in roles that aren't similar to my own personality is difficult for me, I’m impressed by someone who can do it so well. My third favorite actor I’ve chosen is Sutton Foster, because I love musicals and she is basically one of the queens of Broadway. She is the sought after triple threat, and when I saw her Tony Awards performance of “Anything Goes” my eyes nearly popped out of my head because her dancing and singing abilities were so incredible. She is also a charismatic actor, and manages to make you like her even when her character is somewhat morally dubious, (in this case I’m referring to her character on the T.V. show, Younger). In summary, I'm in awe of her ability to do everything so well, and she too seems like a delightful person to be around in real

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