Importance Of Achiral Education In Indonesia

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FOMAL EDUCATION AND ITS IMPLEMENTATION IN INDONESIA Finding balancy between cognitive ability and character in education system. Here in Indonesia, people have realised the importance of education. People know already that education is needed to move forward, to succeed in the future. This thinking has brought Indonesia to higher level of education. Government started to invest more in education, created programs, and revising things to educate the nation more and more. The effort brought a good result in Indonesia's education, in terms of the amount of people that go to school.
Table 1. Participation in foramal education in Indonesia from 2000-2013 From the table, it can be concluded that the number is increasing every year; more people
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In Japan, kindergarten stage and first 2 years of elementary school is more about developing their foundation of life. They teach children about being a good person before they each about formal education. Children is given important experience to their development by demonstrating their abilities in an emotionally secure environment. Therefore teachers have to create an environment to encourage children's subjective behavior. Children learn through play. Play is their voluntary activity, and such voluntary activity creates the foundation for the balanced development of the mind and body. Achieve the goals in chapter two through education based on play. Teachers teach them about basic habits and attitudes necessary for developing a healthy, safe, and happy life. These early stage also develop their independence, cooperation, and good morals; teach them how to love and trust people. Early school life prepares them to have good manners, discipline, respect, and interact with people. All the lessons are given by letting them experience things themself and practicing it daily. It creates a good habit for them and further, character. Japanese live with character that has been built since they are kid and it gives them values that live within themself. The purpose of moral education is to foster morality as a foundation on which school children can acquire awareness of what human life calls for

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