Importance Of Ability Grouping

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Ability grouping has the potential to completely revolutionize education today. Ability grouping, which places children with peers of similar skill levels, has long been controversial. This, as well as similar processes known as cluster grouping and tracking, became widely debated in the the 1990s. For several years after the controversy, the idea of ability grouping was not mentioned. However, schools have started using ability grouping increasingly in the past few years in the hopes to improve education. Today, many teachers, especially in elementary school, use this with their students. Ability grouping should be used in American schools to help students gain a competitive advantage, stimulate growth in learning, and to enable students for the real world. Separating students by ability will encourage all students to work harder and become inspired. When all students are placed in the same environment, talented ones become bored, while the struggling students tend to misbehave. If skill levels are separated, talented students will not have to repeat learning they already know, while the struggling students will not be intimidated by their peers. Dina Brulles, a school administrator and a gifted education director for a school district in Arizona, and her co-authors Sanford J. Cohn and Rachel Saunders have noted that the talented students experienced a “...loss of interest, lack of motivation, and …show more content…
This practice prepares students for their future careers and school by providing them with skills they require. Ability grouping also encourages all levels of children to do better in school and to try harder. Children affected by ability grouping will accelerate faster and thus be able to compete globally. Students deserve a proper education, and to be pushed to their full potential. Ability grouping is not only important, but necessary to challenge students and to revolutionize the education system as a

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