Importance Of A Short Term Financial Goals Essay

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From a perspective outlook, short, intermediate and long term financial goals can be achieved by setting tangible and realistic goals, following them, and tracking the progress is one of the main key to success in achieving ones’ financial goal. Prioritizing each personal financial goal in order of importance helps reveal how keeping track of a Daily Spending Diary or financial progress worksheet can have an impact on how to reduce debt reduction. Meanwhile, learning proper procedures and having a clear understanding on the coverage of different insurances enhance your choices. Making changes where necessary helps build financial funding toward a secure retirement.
The importance of a short term financial investment is to secure a financial future for a person family. Setting intermediate goals one that you would want to meet within the next three to five months such as paying off credit card debt and setting a dollar amount aside every pay period for a savings account. Taking into consideration all of the goals set, starting a Daily Spending Diary or a financial progress worksheet would allow an individual to see where they are over spending and where changes needs to be made. People do not keep track of their financial spending because of inadequate knowledge pertaining to managing personal financial spending. Without having adequate knowledge how to prepare a worksheet that will deny opportunity to see the differences change can make. Putting a Personal Balance Sheet…

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