Facilitation Reflection

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As a practicum student at YMCA Finch Scarborough center, I have learned many different techniques when it comes to group facilitations. I shadowed three different employment resource specialists and observed the techniques they used when interacting with clients. I especially enjoyed learning their styles of how they taught clients during workshops. Furthermore, I have practiced and tried their styles of coaching into my own workshop facilitation. For example, before I used to present by reading from the PowerPoint slides and now I always begin with a questions of what is their expectations and what do they know about the topic. So by doing this, I am able to assess my client’s needs and level of knowledge so I can adjust my ways of facilitation. And sometimes when I interact with …show more content…
I was able to practices many of the methods I heard from practicum intergradations class. The case conferences were also very handy because I learned many different methods I can use when dealing with people. For example, one of my fellow classmate’s case conferences was how to confront your supervisor and Gayle informed us that we can use the sandwich format. And later I was able to use it because one of my clients was not very cooperative during his résumé critique time. For example, he told contradictory things that I was confused about so I have to confronted him by saying “I am heard you saying that you worked in Tim Horton from February, 2013 to December, 2013 in Toronto but you also told me that you were a store manager in New Delhi from May, 2013 to November, 2013. I am confused, can you explain a litter bit to me.” In the end, the client was able explain that he did not work those two jobs at the same time but he took a vocation back to India and worked in a family store when he was there. And when he came back to Canada, he was able to get his old job back at Tim

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