Importance Of A Dysfunctional Family

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Do you think you grew up in a perfect family? Would you want to change something if you were able to turn back time? If you think of it, it’s really hard to maintain a healthy relationship between all family members. As a result, millions of families in today’s society are dysfunctional. What does “a dysfunctional family” actually mean? If a family’s everyday life is based on misbehaviour, conflicts, abuse, then it’s dysfunctional. Although the reasons for this are quite obvious, it is almost impossible to find a sollution.
For a start, the main reason why dysfunctional families exist is unhealthy parenting habits. Imagine a family where the child is, for example, always compared to others or criticised. Or where the child has an unhealthy
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For children parents are the example they have to follow. Parents with low self-esteem raise children who also don’t trust themselves and have trouble later in life. On the other hand, parents with low self-esteem try to compensate for their unconfidence. For instance, a man has his son playing in a football match. If the son is successful, then the father will also feel successful and satisfied. But whenever the son makes a mistake, the father instantly will blame the son, the teacher or other players. But why is this bad? Isn’t the father trying his best to have a successful child? Yes! That’s definitely what he’s doing. But he’s doing that not for the child but for himself. The father would only be more stressed and the son would be pressed to do the best he can. So eventually neither the father, nor the son would feel content. Lack of empathy is another serious family issue. Obviously, if family members want to communicate, they have to know eachother’s feelings and maintain a tight-knit relationship. It’s quite often that parents simply don’t care about their children, their results, their relationships with others, their life. Due to this the bond between the parents and the child slowly breaks and the risk of dysfunctional actions …show more content…
Nowadays a lot of people dedicate their lives to their careers. Due to that the amount of time spent with family members decreases rapidly. It’s understandable that a person is tired and unavailable to talk to when that person spends 8 hours at work and has to print and fill copious amounts of papers. But is it worth it? Is it worth the sacrifice? The thing is that one cannot choose. If one stops earning money, the family cannot live its normal life due to financial difficulties. If one continues, then the family can end up broken apart. This is extremely complicated to single parents because they simply have no choice but just to work and eventually the relationships are at risk of falling

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