Why Dysfunctional Families Exist

Do you think you grew up in a perfect family? Would you want to change something if you were able to turn back time? If you think of it, it’s really hard to maintain a healthy relationship between all family members. As a result, millions of families in today’s society are dysfunctional. What does “a dysfunctional family” actually mean? If a family’s everyday life is based on misbehaviour, conflicts, abuse, then it’s dysfunctional. Although the reasons for this are quite obvious, it is almost impossible to find a sollution.
For a start, the main reason why dysfunctional families exist is unhealthy parenting habits. Imagine a family where the child is, for example, always compared to others or criticised. Or where the child has an unhealthy fear of getting beaten up or punished for almost every action. It’s hard to imagine that these
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First of all, every family member is bound to experience depression and have low self-esteem.Due to that everyone has trouble communicating with other people and it can be a problem to create a career. Moreover, in some cases depression can lead to suicidal thoughts. And, of course, the consequences can be disastrous. In addition, most of dysfunctional families don’t experience divorce. That’s because one of the parents believes that the divorce would harm the children. However, dysfunctional relationships harm children even more. When children grow up in a dysfunctional family, they find it difficult to start a new family and usually live alone or create a new family that is also dysfunctional, so the cycle of bad habit continues. Sometimes everything can become even more severe, because depression and anxiety disorders can result in substance abuse which fully destroys the family. Children from these families tend to get some type of addiction in their early years, so this not only destroys relationship bonds but also individual people’s

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