Importance Of A Composition One Class

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When I first started the Composition One class I was not sure how it was going to be. I was super nervous because I had not had an English class in over a year. Even when I did have an English class we were not graded on a tough grading scale. I knew I had some issues with my grammar, and I was ready to work on it. I also did not know all of the ways that an author could manipulate me, and quickly realized that I am easily manipulated. I read articles all the time without ever thinking how credible the author sounded, or how little logic it had. I was at a very different place with my writing then. Grammar has always been a struggle for me. High school teachers never really marked off points for bad grammar. They just checked to see if the paper was long enough. They claimed they read our papers, but after being in English 1010 I now know that I did not …show more content…
It saved so many of my papers. I am so grateful that you took the time to read though my not-so-great papers, and told me ways that I could make them better. I also am so glad that we did the peer reviews. Although some people did not put a good amount of effort into helping their peers. The ones that did put the effort in I am so glad that they did. Feedback and peer reviews really helped me better my writing, and helped me get better grades on my papers. I think that my work this semester shows that I am a new college student learning to juggle work and school. Yes, I could have put in more effort and been a better student, and thought harder about my papers harder. However, I think I did the best that I could for this being my first college course that was not a welding class. I think I come across as credible with flaws. Just like most authors have flaws in their papers. I have flaws in my credibility as a student, and I am getting better at removing those flaws. I am learning what works for me and what does not. Yes, I am a credible

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