Swot Analysis Of Deloitte

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1. As a “Big Four” company, Deloitte has great opportunity for me to learn and grow. As an international students, Deloitte would be a great choice since it is an international company. Even if I go back my country after graduation, I still can try to explore my career at Deloitte. Deloitte values skills and creativity, which enables everyone to make full use of their strengths to contribute. I believe people woking here are highly responsible for their work and proud of what they’re doing.
2. Deloitte values skills and creativity, which also conveys that this company have diverse people who have different background and way of thinking. I enjoy working with diverse people and had former experience. When I took business presentation class
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I was attracted by PwC when I attended job shadow event held by UCSO. PwC has a relaxing atmosphere, which appeals me a lot. I enjoy a nice woking environment because I can work more efficiently when I feel comfortable about where I’m staying. Besides, PwC has a strong connection with Kelley School of Business; stuends have more opportunity to network with the recruters and alumni, which enables them to explore and develop their career path with more ease. We always have guest speakers coming to campus to share working experience or interview skills with us. I believe that PwC values students and potential.
2. I’m a person who keeps seeking more improvement through every experience. I’m very responsible for my work and willing to learn. I got an intership as an accounting assistant at local bank in my country two years ago. Since I was a high school student at that time, I was not sure if I was able to do this job. Luckily, the manager found out my concern and suggested me work in the hall and help customers fill out the check first. Therefore, I memorized every kind of check and the detailed procedure to fill out it; I guided over 100 customers every day. This work seemed trvial, but ths experience gave me fundamental dea how to classify check and work with numbers. My willingness to learn new things makes me adopt various situation
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Having been interested in Japanese since high school, working in an Japanese company is always what I dream to do. Working in an Asian company enables me to adopt quickly and transit with more ease. As a manufacturing company, Toyota can provide me a different perspective to understand business which is closer to my daily life. Japanese companies treat employees as family; they care about them and help them grow with companies.
2. Since I said that Japanese companies pay more attention to building up relationship with employees, so does Toyota. In order to build up a mature relationship with either the company or the colleagues, having a good communication skills is the vital key. I started to do volunteer work since high school and I’ve developed my communication skill through these experiences. I’ve met autistic children who live in their own world and are not able to talk like normal people, and disabled elders whose children are too busy to take care of them and leave a big empty house to them and so on. I found out that the only way getting into their world is to talk with them, giving them time to get familiar with you and guiding them to share. The power of communication is much stronger that we expected; various relationships are built up throuth words. I was accounting peer tutor last semester; my job was to explain the accounting concepts to students and give them advice for further accounting study. Through talking, I learned their concern and we studied

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