Importance And Importance Of Policy

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Importance of Policy
Measurements are in place in order to combat the social, physical and mental aspects of circumstance. In this case, policies are in place as a method in the attempt to alleviate situations over time, and provide an insight into the problems that individuals face. In close recognition to the Melbourne Declaration 2008 (MEETCYA, 2008), Individuals are able to understand the situation and measurements that are required to be taken in order to negate the disadvantages to students, the objectives of the declaration and the limitations of policies.

History of Development
In order to alleviate issues present within society, the development process of policies attempt to provide aid to those who are disadvantaged within society.
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In the case of the policy, it does not specify actions that are required to be undertaken by teachers, but rather the actions of the government within as the “Australian governments commit to working with all students” (MEECTYA, 2008). There is a separation between government’s actions to teacher’s actions, as the government is not held in compliance to student results, hence, there is a question of “Accountability”(Buchanan & Chapman, 2011).
Furthermore, The notion of being “Asia literate” (MEECTYA, 2008, p.4), within the preamble, notes that there needs to be an encouragement for students to learn a secondary Asian language. Inconsistent data regarding the acquisition of a second language during schooling, such examples can be seen in the decline of students learning a second language within statistics (DEECD, 2010). Statistically, rather than an increase in Asian literacy, there has been a 1.6% decrease in language being taught in 2009 from 2008, even though the declaration was created (DEECD, 2010). This evidence supports a down trend in languages teaching as in 2003, the amount of secondary schools providing language teaching was at 94.1% yet as it approaches 2009, the amount negates to a low 87.6%(DEECD, 2010). Although, the declaration proceeds with important aspects of learning and the need for language teaching
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The close study of the Melbourne Declaration (2008) enables an insight into the historical changes to educations, the objectives of policies and the limitations in its enactments. Thus, policies allow for positive ideologies of teaching, yet its effectiveness can be

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