Importance And Importance Of Planning In Business

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First I want to say something about business. What is business ?
Business is an organization or economic system in which services and goods are traded for one another or for money. Business can be private business , not-for-profit or state business.
Good business is depending on business plan that You make . Business plan is equally important for people that are starting new business and for people that are in the business for long time. Business plan is nothing else than good , realistic and quality forecast in which way work of Your company will improve. So as You see planning is one of the most important characteristics in business that will lead every company to success . Importance of planning did not suffer many changes in time of 25 years ago and now. The planning process is not very different but the steps involved have increased because of the changes and the environment in today’s business. The complexity of problems in today business organizations require complex solutions and complex risk assessments. Main difference between importance of planning now days and planning 25 years ago is that planning is more important in the environment that is constantly changing and improving ,and where the crises are a regular occurrence. Because of the good
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As we all now the Apple released first model of smart phone and a huge impact on today usage of mobile phones. The function of mobiles is changing all the time, it is improving all the time. Also the release of first iPhone had a huge profit and moved this company to another level. This is perfect example of good managing, organizing , controlling and planning in one company. With taking this risk Apple company provided itself to climb high on the scale and to control the market. Also smart phone led Nokia to lose it place on the scale, and also led this company to huge crisis. This is example of bad managing and also bad

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