Importance And Importance Of Online Advertising

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Online advertising or additional known as internet advertising is a type of communication method in mutual relation with the technical and medium based requirements. It is in a form of banner with description of products or news delivering to Internet users via Websites, e-mail, ad-supported software system and Internet-enabled in smart phones. The most important advantage over TV commercial advertise is it is not restricting by geography or time.

Most of Business using website as an advertising medium where ads message would appears on users’ computer screen to capture users’ interest in their products. To know what the user looking for in their website, the owner of website using cookie software system in browser to gathered sufficient information
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It supplements personal selling and sales promotion ads without interfere users’ activities on the internet. Another fact about online advertising is that it creates preference for a particular product in your business to the right customers, which is help reducing time creating and maintaining which product in demand or not. Offering your products on the Internet is also convenient for customers. They can click on the ads to direct go to your online store at any time and place orders anytime when they want it. Online advertising suggesting new and more frequent uses of product to different customers as it helps to maintain demand, throughout the …show more content…
Online Advertising also can acts as an information service and educates the con-sumers. It allows them to know exactly what they want and where to get it. From there it allows customers enjoy the convenience and makes the life of the consumer easier, more comfortable and pleasant.

Online advertising helps reduction the cost of hiring staffs to advertising product or maintaining which product is in demand. This reduction in the cost is generally passed on to the consumer and that is why price of goods are found in the internet are generally lower than goods in outlet retail.

3. Society
Online Advertising promotes more creative in ads which required more people in designing and developing advertisements, thus provides direct employment to a large number of people who engaged in designing, writing and issuing advertisements. More jobs opportunity increase when online advertising effective in help increasing the volume of production to distribution around the

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