Importance Of Nursing Informatics

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Importance of Nursing Informatics

Healthcare is an ever-changing system that requires adaptability to the most up-to-date patient care advancements and improvements. Informatics specialized nurses are dedicated to the advancement and improvement of nursing, information, computer and cognitive sciences that are vital to the enhancement of patient health. Informatics specialized nurses collect, manage and disseminate essential nursing “data, information, knowledge and wisdom” to provide superior and lucrative nursing care (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2017 p. 108). All nursing specialties rely on nursing informatics to deliver the best patient care. There are many areas where nursing informatics plays an essential role in “patient outcomes, find
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Currently, the Johns Hopkins Medical organization, except for All Children’s Hospital, is utilizing Epic. The Epic system includes “scheduling and registration, clinical documentation, computerized provider order entry (CPOE), ePrescribing and Charge Capture” (Johns Hopkins Medicine, 2017). It also improves patient referrals by physicians across the Johns Hopkins Medicine organization. The implementation of Epic supports delivery of the best possible care to patients by improving communication and teamwork among Johns Hopkins’ providers while enabling better integration across the enterprise. EHRs like Epic strengthen quality and safety measures, making it easier to navigate increasingly complex records while also coordinating patient scheduling and registration. EHR technology allows for easier, streamlined patient care by providing easy access to the patient’s complete medical record. Having access to a patient’s complete medical record allows for the care team to make knowledgeable and effective decisions for better patient care outcomes. As an EHR, the Epic system has improved standards of care within the emergency department. As an example of how the use of an EHR can improve clinical operations and communication in the adult emergency department, an EKG must be obtained and …show more content…
Standardizing nursing terminology creates the environment where the patient is provided with consistent care related to the clear-cut communication between the multidisciplinary team. In utilizing a uniform terminology, the organization can provide definite charges while showing the importance of nursing care. Because nurses often rely on informal notes and verbal reports to pass on patient care information to each other rather than through EHRs, a sizable portion of their work is unrecognized. “Without concrete data to prove the relationship between nursing care and patient outcomes, the value of nursing services remains unrecognized, funding (such as federal and state funding for education and research) is unlikely to be budgeted for nursing and allocating the appropriate number of qualified nurses to provide the level of care necessary to maintain a safety-oriented environment becomes increasingly difficult” (Saba & Taylor, 2007, p. 33). Utilization of standardized nursing terminology to document the patient’s chief complaint and problem, the patient care actions being performed, and the patient outcomes that result from those actions performed will serve to identify the specific nurse care elements and the relationship of those elements to measurable patient outcomes. Nursing knowledge must be distributed across the

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