Induction Process Essay

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The induction process is an important tool for a company to be effective. In the past the induction was only considered as a process to familiarise the new employee with the organisation and the employee was expected to integrate himself/herself in the organisation. However, with change in businesses processes, competition, recognition of employee's role in achievement of company's objectives, the process and concept of Induction has undergone a metamorphic change. Proper induction can result in "establishing clear foundations and expectations i.e., mission, vision, operating principals, paradigms, corporate values, ethics, expected office etiquette and decorum, expectation in terms of work output etc." between a business and its new recruit. …show more content…
First, the company should assess the employee training needs to match with the company’s objectives and thus create a customized induction program for each individual. The responsibility of planning the induction framework should be clearly defined. In practice the responsibility of the induction framework’s implementation should be shared by various departments. The process should be gradual and only necessary information is be given first. The induction process should also reflect the company values and discussion be held as to how those values are interpreted and implemented in practice.
At the end of the induction period, the organization should introduce a feedback survey. as it will be a valuable opportunity for the company to develop the induction process.
The suggested induction framework should be first tested with the current employees not only to check out possible weaknesses of the proposed program but also to train the current staff for the desired level. GSK has great opportunities for high growth, but in order to deliver high quality customer service and achieve the strategic growth objectives, an induction process must be further improved and developed.
All staff, both full and part-time need an induction program. Some groups may have specific needs - for example, those returning after long-term absence or maternity/paternity

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