Implications Of Suicide And Euthanasia

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Register to read the introduction… He argues that health care professionals should always opt to save peoples lives and not lose them. Medicine was created to help people, it means save their lives, if the doctors start using this to help people die, medicine will lose its purpose. Thus, doctors should not think twice between life and death.
Finally the interference with God’s plan; Humans have no right over their lives just God can give and take our lives away. It is like we are born with an expiration date, however God is the only one that knows when is the time for us to leave the earth. Suicide as we know is against God’s law, consequently it is a sin.
I’ve been weighed all the arguments presented by the author and I came with the conclusion that I agree with passive euthanasia in that, I believe that humans have the right to die with dignity. Keep treating terminal patients against their will it’s not the solution for their suffering, however putting those out of their misery will be relieve not just for them but also their loved ones. I have a cousin that is doctor in Brazil, once she told me about one of her patients that had pancreas cancer without treatment because of the advanced stage of the tumor. She said that every time she walked into the cancer ward she could hear this patient moaning. The doctors would treat him with morphine, but at some point it was not working anymore. The patient’s family tried to convince the doctors to do the active euthanasia, but it is illegal in Brazil. Thus, after a few weeks he had an agonizing
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I agree with this statement, but what about people that have no chance of survive? These people are not choosing between life and death, they are choosing between accepting their condition and do not be miserable, or trying to fight a war that is lost already and just get more hurt. I do believe that doctors were trained to save lives not to take it, but I also believe that they are there to do what is the best for their patients. So, when death is inevitable doctors have to help their patients and family to deal with this situation in a best way

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