Sexualisation Of Culture Essay

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The term ‘sexualisation of culture’ is becoming very popular and it refers to the modern idea that Western societies have become all about sex and what represents sex. Modern culture has fallen under the influence of sex discourses and pornography . This culture is reinforcing gender inequalities as it makes women be seen as promiscuous and that they don't mind being a sexual object, while also increasing the belief that men always think about sex and are perverts (Coy, 2009). When remembering difficult exchanges and experiences of trying to counter these new ideas, many feminists become less motivated to fight against such culture. They fear that their critical approach would be seen as censoring and too moralistic. However, their innovative …show more content…
The sexualised culture is trying to put forward the idea that this is a feminist movement. Many women believe this to be true and so this leaves feminists with little hope of trying to persuade people that this is actually contributing neatively to the personal and social development of girls. It has become already ingrained in society as something positive. What society might not realise is that the fact that young girls are already having hair extensions, doing makeup and singing about their breasts is becoming a part of their identity development and it is not just expectations of their future self. Material gain and socio-cultural acceptance that come from the sexualised ideas and culture make sexualisation look like the standard way of living and there is not much to gain if you live differently (Coy, 2009). The APA (2007) report suggests that by teaching children at school about how they should make sense of media messages and not regard everything as valid could be an important step in decreasing the negative impact of the sexualisation of girls. Moreover, it suggests that sex education should be more holistic and parents should learn and be aware of the impact of sexualisation on their

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