The Importance Of Gerrymandering

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Introduction “More delicate than the historians’ are the map-makers’ colors (Bishop 1).” Gerrymandering is when a district’s boundaries are redrawn to benefit particular political parties’ agendas (Ingraham 1). Gerrymandering promotes the statistical concept of Simpson’s paradox. Simpson’s paradox describes the phenomenon of having a higher percentage of votes; however not having more votes numerically (Simpson’s 1). Gerrymandering is similar because it also gives the possibility of winning the state, but not having the majority of the votes. Although Gerrymandering is illegal in many places, political parties do not hesitate in doing so. When Gerrymandering occurs it also limits the importance of minority voting. Gerrymandering is a challenge …show more content…
Although gerrymandering is illegal and is accompanied with repercussions, certain political parties deem gerrymandering a necessity. Preventing gerrymandering is impractical; however, a good way to prevent big margins would be for people to vote in other districts, and establish a strict set of guidelines in redrawing districts. People should get better informed of the shape of their particular district and districts around them; furthermore, after they get well informed they should move and vote in other districts. If there are large masses of people that vote in other districts, then there will be a greater chance of actually changing the overall vote of the district because political parties consider the “probable location” of where the people will vote, and draw districts based on that. There also should be a strict set of guidelines in redrawing districts; for example, establishing concrete district boundaries or by extending the periodic time of changing the districts. The solution to the problem lies in the problem. The problem is not in the “historians,” but rather in the “map-makers’ colors (Bishop 1)”. “Never head down a little pink line to deceptions,” which means understand the whole picture and question the validity before making

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