Implications of Classroom Management Essay

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Running head: Implications for Classroom Management

Legal and Ethical Implications for Classroom Management
Phedelia Singleton
Grand Canyon University
EDU-536 Classroom Engagement and Management
December 21, 2011

Ethics is a word for human behavior which includes classroom behavior. Ethical behavior is a realm of classroom ethics. In every complex society proper ethical is difficult, but it starts when a child is young. The implications below are a few of many ethical principles in the classroom which are significant among our students today.
Teaching Ethics: The Role of the Classroom Teacher For many years, ethical development (children’s character or moral development) has been a controversial topic. It
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H. Wong (2004) says, “The most important words for a teacher are listen, listen, listen.” Through eye contact, a caring teacher listen, eliminates distractions by staying focus on their student. A patience teacher practice self-control, allowing their student to answer questions, encouraging their students to think by providing resources for self-discovery. The Work- Oriented Teacher provides students with opportunity for success with assignments. They incorporate accountability, responsibility and effort. Glasser (1998) says, “The work oriented teacher teaches so that a student work can be evaluated in different ways.” The teacher will adjust work load in the classroom if needed by the student. Giving extra time to complete assignment shows that a teacher can be honest and fair. Students having legitimates concern will be addressed in a professional manner. H. Wong (2004) says, “an effective teacher is someone who is flexible and adaptable.” When necessary a flexible teacher is willing to change classroom rules, adapt rules to diverse demand and positive incentives. The Work-oriented Teacher provides opportunities to succeed and make adjustments accordingly for her students. The Teacher Who Engages Students in the subject taught is a caring teacher.

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