Implications And Consequences Of Ethics In The Criminal Justice Field

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For this assignment, I will analyze ethics within the Criminal Justice field. “The Criminal Justice system is the United States is immense: 1,464 adult correctional facilities, 3,061 juvenile residential facilities, 17,985 law enforcement agencies, 2,341 state prosecutors’ offices, 93 U.S. attorneys’ offices, 94 U.S. judicial districts, and countless other federal, state, and local organizations” (Gilban, 2014). In other words, “the system comprises a large number of diverse organizations- in purpose, budget, geographic location, and a number of workers- employing well over a million workers” (Gilban, 2014). With a system that employs so many individuals, ethical behavior is fundamental to the success of the organization.
Professional behavior
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Subjection of organizations to common suit is one of the real results of dishonest practices. Litigation can be presented in numerous forms, for example, racial discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual discrimination, etc. Officers that exhibit unethical behavior may eventually lose their employment, as well as possibly being denied of their unemployment compensations and benefits. Under sad circumstances, some officers will decide to carry out a suicide attempt after failed attempts of handling unethical situations that they were involved in. In order to aid law enforcement agencies and other criminal justice organizations to better cope with any encounters or challenges that may arise without showing fear and being able to work as a unit to eliminate immoral and unethical behaviors, ethics seminars and trainings are extremely beneficial and …show more content…
It is indispensable for personnel in every criminal justice agency to recognize the issues of other professionals in the criminal justice field, such as prosecutors, correctional officers, probation officers, parole officers, and attorneys of criminal defense, as well as the division on caseload supervision. Corruption and exploitation in all these areas ought to be exposed for training purposes so that they individuals can learn from them and assess the impact it has on people in order to help diminish any possible reoccurrence of these grey

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