Essay on Implementing The Flipped Classroom For Griffith University

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The report demonstrates the business opportunity that deals with implementing flipped classroom for Griffith University. This report focuses on academic support, one of the perspectives chosen for improving that perspective for efficiently implementing the flipped learning. The academic support deals with queries related to the student’s academics and other supplementary help which is quintessential for student’s holistic development.

The scope of the solution is based on the high level requirement from the proposed solution by using web technology. The solution scope is defined in such a way that it is aligned with Griffith University’s portal with integration of the new interface, which is detailed in solution scope.
In the compilation of the report, the inconsistencies were primarily the data related to funding for extra recruitment or implementing a new system, which is not available publicly due to its confidentiality. Those were assumed as funded by the university.

2. Approach to Requirements Management

The business opportunity of implementing the flipped classrooms can produce good value to Griffith University if appropriate approach is adopted for managing the requirements, which in turn yields successful implementation of the solution.

It involves many changes in business process. From the academic support perspective, the business analysis and the development process considered for flipped learning is change driven approach. There must be flexible and…

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