Implementing the Five Functions of Management Essay

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Implementing the five functions of Management
Margaret E. Bridges
MGT 330
Thomas Kook

The five functions of management practices are planning, leading, organizing, staffing and controlling. These functions are essential to forming a successful company with high revenues. Working in the healthcare field I have found that these functions are important to running a successful company. My current employer sets standards to follow and takes corrective action to ensure all standards are followed. All employees know their tasks daily and have opportunities to dispute their duties if now satisfied. The five functions of management are essential to performing our daily duties and help to keep the company
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The RN charge nurse is the next step down in management. The RN charge nurse leads the CNA’s or nursing assistants. They delegate how many patients each employee is responsible for and which tasks should be completed on a particular patient. The charge nurse creates incentives for employees to keep our jobs fun and interesting. One incentive created was BINGO. We have quarterly bingo that actually pays the employee to come to work and be injury free. This teaches the employee to do their jobs correctly as to not injure their selves or the patients. Each day that passes with no injuries a number is pulled. Single bingos reward with $75 and each blackout, which is covering the entire card, pays out $150. This is a great incentive and all employees play.
Management organizes the duties of individual jobs and how they are carried out. We are presented with a chart explaining chain of command and how to follow it. Principles of teamwork are implemented into our job descriptions. With this function management establishes relationships with employees. Great organization is a good reflection of the company. The organization of daily tasks is the responsibility of the director of nursing. The director organizes our work online and on the daily assignment sheets. Having our assignments located in a couple different places allows for less confusion about what we are to do. Meetings are held with employees to help set

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