Implementing The Advance Directives ( Ad ) Program Implementation Plan

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Implementation Plan/Methodology
IRB Approval The Advance Directives (AD) education program implementation plan is a culmination of logical and organized sequential events that will commence upon Prairie View A&M University Institutional Review Board (IRB) formal approval to conduct the project. Adhering to protocol, with respect to the education program subjects and safety, the IRB approval process will begin with the formal review of minimal risks, informed consents, and provisions for monitoring data. It will also entail equitable subject selection, and measures of privacy protection, which will be outlined in the IRB application. Special attention will focus on maintaining appropriate safeguards for vulnerable education program subjects, such as the elderly, and determine the level of risks.
Protection of Human Subjects First, the strictest confidentially will be maintained and monitored throughout, particularly through the use of coded data that conveys anonymity. This ensures that no participant identifiers, such as names, will be discoverable, not even to the researchers.
Next the risks and anticipated benefits will be outlined and demonstrated in the informed consents, with both written and verbal explanations to subjects. Participants will be instructed that they will always be provided the opportunity to withdraw from the education project at any time.
Lastly, to ensure safety to subjects, there are provisions for monitoring the data collected such…

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