Implementing Personal Development Lectures On Student's Daily Education

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It is never too late to learn skills and develop yourself. My preposition is to implement personal development lectures on student’s daily education. Personal development helps identify the strengths of a student. Students face different circumstances in life that can cause them to feel no hope looking into the future, personal development lectures explain what procrastination is, how to recognize the best learning style, and understand personality traits.
Growing up and accepting the consequences of procrastination is difficult to deal with. “It is never too late,” I believe in this phrase and think of this phrase when I do not do the rights things since the start. “Through self-awareness, we can achieve growth. Through the recognition of choice, we can better take personal responsibility for our own behavior to better captain our own souls (as William Ernest Henley might put it).”(Mierop) Procrastination is when you misuse your time and postponed doing things until the last minute, I believe procrastination can be the worst enemy for a person to succeed. Implementing personal development lectures on daily basis in a classroom can be reflected in a student point of view. There are stressful moments in college and not recognizing what procrastination is can lead a student to drop from college when facing problems.
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My assessment result is that I have a multimodal (VARK) learning preference. My highest score is 14 for kinesthetic, the same score of 11 for visual, read/write, and score of 9 for Aural. After reading the study strategies of learning preference I did identify with kinesthetic taking in all information, using my five senses and experience, as well of examples of how to do something and following through. As well, I know human beings possess 9 intelligences and I also believe we can improve our education by recognizing the multiple learning preference we

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