Implementing A Revised Drug Free Workplace Policy Essays

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This paper discusses the costs associated with implementing a revised Drug-Free Workplace Policy (DFWP). The six steps recommended for implementing the revised DFWP will be listed with the costs associated with each step. The original DFWP is listed in Addendum 1 and a revised DFWP is listed in Addendum 2. Gong and Janssen (2012) believe that organizations must use a business management process to adapt the implementation of policies to the many different stakeholders, the negotiations of options, the lack of overview of processes, and the lack of knowledge on using flexibility and agility to implement these policies. Addendum 3 contains a list of costs expected for minimal implementation and also costs for additional actions that could increase the effectiveness of the program with the understanding that costs may change as management and the community change their commitment to the support of the program.
The City of Newark, Ohio developed a DFWP identified as Addendum 1 to improve efficiency, support employees, and comply with the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988. A review of personnel incidents over the last fifteen years indicates that the policy was written, but not implemented in the same spirit that it was developed for. A revised DFWP is being recommended and identified as Addendum 2. The six step process recommended to improve the DFWP includes the following:
1. Recognition of stakeholders in the organization.
2. Involve the stakeholders in the process of developing…

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