Implementing A New Technology Or Software Within A Facility Essay

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Implementation Process
A typical implementation process are steps taken to create, provide and set up a new technology or software within a facility. The steps are dependent on the organization and the size of that organization, its available resources, and the types of services that are provided. There are basic steps that can assist in the process and make sure that implementation is successful as well as the organizations plan. The typical implementation process should include creating a plan, outline or workflow, selecting team members, process analysis, installing hardware, training, data conversion system testing, and preparation. The goal is to ensure that the implementation process budget, planning, coordination, and all other aspects with this new system are managed by consistent communication within the team to secure a successful implementation. This can occur by allocating roles and responsibilities throughout the team which include:
• Board and Executive Leadership: Set Strategy and Priorities, Clinical Standards, Allocate Resources
• Implementation/Project Management: Develops, Deploys, Monitors CDS Interventions
• Management/Oversight: Manage Processes Related to CDS Program
• End Users and Related Positions: Perform Patient Care Activities Affected by CDS (Healthit, n.d.).

Fundamental Activities
Fundamental Activities are included in an implementation process as part of the planning of goals and workflow. These activities include organizing and…

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