Implementing A New System Of Government Essay

2008 Words Sep 28th, 2016 9 Pages
We have received your letter regarding our assignment for “Preliminary Recommendations.” Since you no longer have a dictatorship and need a new system of government, we are providing you with a guide of multiple options that can best suit your government. We have thoroughly researched Xlandia as well as its’ past experiences with government. We have delved into the people of Xlandia, their ethnicities and religions, as well as the economy, the jobs and the population. We are knowledgeable of the past dictatorship and its’ political and economic conditions. Therefore, we have created what we think will be a very efficient and beneficial form of government for Xlandia. A major aspect of forming a strong government is creating a written constitution. Before deciding upon the type of government for your country, you must write a constitution; this will be the new foundation of Xlandia. It would lay down the basic laws of the country as well as the rights of the citizens. We are aware of your current situation, and know that you will be needing a reliable, consistent, and structured set of laws. In our country we have a written constitution, and the citizens of Turkey all have natural rights, and can refer to the constitution to debate their rights. We think this would be most beneficial to Xlandia. Xlandia has several ethnicities and religions. Their constitution would have to protect the rights of the minorities, ensuring equal rights for each citizen. The citizens should…

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